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Who We Are

We started out in Southern California with an artistic vision and a love for videography. As natural auto-enthusiasts, we began by capturing the thrill of motorsports and live-action movies. Over the years, we’ve grown into a full-service video production business, expanding our clientele to name-brand companies and other industries including music and fashion. From marketing collateral to promotional campaigns, we are always looking for the next creative challenge.

The Bryant Lambert Approach

Our creative process is simple. We never go for the status quo. All of our projects are approached as an artistic challenge to go beyond the limitations of what has already been done. Our mantra is to “craft authentic stories that inspire.” Whether it’s a promotional video for off-road racing or a campaign for a cutting edge product, our storytelling narratives will engage your audience across all marketing channels.

BW Production Studios

Our commercial grade studio located in Rancho Cucamonga, California is fully equipped to supplement your videography and photography projects. Everything you need to complete your can be found here including:


  1. Top of the line video and sound equipment 
  2. Full pre and post-production capabilities 
  3. Multiple backdrops 
  4. Conference meeting area 
  5. Make-up room 

BW Production Studios features: 


  1. 2,000 sq. ft. of shooting space
  2. 31’ wide x 31’ deep x 18’ tall drive-in cove
  3. 15’ x 30’ overhead scrim

Bryant Lambert

CEO, Lead Cinematographer

"When the apocalypse breaks out and you need someone to shoot your Mad Max-esque car chases... I'm definitely your guy."


Ryan Walker

Lead Editor

Rumor has it that Walker has found a way to edit the entirety of the Star Wars Original Trilogy into a much better version... which is only an hour long.

Let's Chat About Your Next Project

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