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We stretch our creative boundaries on every project we undertake, resulting in high-quality content for our clients. We see each element of the project as an opportunity to push ourselves to become better storytellers and filmmakers.

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I’ve worked with Bryant and his team for the past 15 years, From the smallest to the largest budgets they have always over delivered. Bryant has always been able to take our vision and transform it through cinematography.
Ken Johnson, Freeze Management

Once in a while, you find a company that goes above and beyond what is the norm in their industry. Bryant has been one that has set the bar extremely high in the industry. Whether you need action photography, still shoots or high-end video production, I suggest you sit down and look at his portfolio. Now let talk about the important part! His customer service is nothing short of amazing and professional. He has never missed a deadline I have given him no matter how tight it was. Important? Hell, is critical in a world driven by social media and trending.

Scott Musser, Ultra Wheel Company
Bryant Lambert runs a tight ship and the studio is first class. I have hired Bryant on multiple occasions to capture and highlight my client’s various needs. I can count on him to do what he says and come in on budget with a premium quality production. His skill set is beyond specialized, but his creative vision keeps me coming back for more. When content is the driver, you want somebody like Bryant Lambert behind the wheel.
Micah Anderson, Creative Marketing Professional
There is a distinctive and clear separation in the world of event promotion and production. There are those that speak, and there are those that do.

In the past four years we have tapped the expertise of Bryant Lambert and his team in capturing our client’s unique stories. To help craft their brands and ignite the passion that is the overriding core asset in producing world class events and motorsports campaigns. To do so in a manner congruent with the reality of often tight deadlines and challenging budgets.

While Bryant Lambert and his team creates beautiful and compelling content, the strength of their overall narrative is based on an old-fashioned business ethic — hard work. In industry famous for wasting time on endless meetings and conference calls, we rely on Attain to just get down to the business of actually doing.

They represent enjoyable collaboration in the most efficient, effective manner possible. All without complaint. In today’s world, that is very, very hard to find.

Marty Fiolka, TRG Rennsport